Inktober 2018, part 1

This Inktober I decided to do some original drawings rather than fanart like last year. Thing was, I wasn’t expecting my muse to go a bit overboard. My idea was to make a witch for each prompt, with a flower and a familiar that sort of went with the idea. And… my muse decided that it was the perfect time to give me their full stories.

And while  I still don’t know if this will be a coloring book or something else, lemme introduce you a little bit of said stories:

This elegant witch is Ninette. Like Rappacinni’s Daughter, she was raised among poisonous plants and thus, her touch is deadly (hence why she wears gloves). Unlike her inspiration, Ninette choose to embrace her gift, as it makes her feel very safe. Her familiar is immune to her poison, a Hooded Pitohui that she named Arsenic. (The prompt was poisonous)

Next one in the list comes from India. Her name is Vivika, and while her speciality are crystal spells, she prefers to fix things talking before bringing up magic as a solution. She loves doing yoga with her familiar, a Sloth named Acharya, who tends to use her as a branch.Hence, Vivika has very strong upper arms, so don’t mess with her. (The prompt was Tranquil)


Now we meet Nessa, the fire witch from Scotland and her trusty familiar, Coal, the fire salamander (No one said that Nessa was original with names). Nessa was almost burnt by a mob, but she choose to use her magic to bind the flames to her. Her magic since then has been a bit intense, but nothing that can’t be solved with some studies.  

(The prompt was Roasted)

Now we have Ethne, the Which. No, not a Witch, a Which. Her magic comes from words and their meanings. She loves to look for knowledge and really dislikes anyone who chooses ignorance over it. She also thinks that puns are hilarious and if you use words, you better know their meanings. Her familiar, Spell, is a Bee.  (The prompt was Spell, and she’s totally inspired on Faintly Macabre, from The Phantom Tollbooth).


Mary Ann Margaret is southern american witch, whose speciality are plants, but she’s easily distracted when doing spells which can be a bit problematic for the farm. Her familiar, Madam Coo, is a very stern and serious chicken who tries to keep Mary Ann Margaret focused on her studies.  (The prompt was, of course, Chicken)

Bliss is a Dream Witch, who uses dreams and nightmares to make sure that her spells work. Thus, she has to sleep a lot. Which suits her Koala familiar, Pillow, perfectly because Koalas can sleep up to 22 hours a day! Bliss usually never takes off her pajamas because of that. (Prompt was Drool. Don’t tell Bliss she drools)

And finally for this week,  this is  Lala. I’m still not sure where she was born, but right now she’s stationed somewhere in south america because she got a baby familiar, rather than an older one.  So she’s her familiar’s mommy. The cute little spider monkey clinging to her is named Coffee, as Lala needs a lot of it to keep with the energetic baby.  (Prompt was Exhausted

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