Robin Princesses

I love drawing the Robin cast in pretty dresses and different hairdos. Even if they have little time to actually wear said dresses or hairdos in the story. Maybe one day I will actually add Gavin, Orion and Zander to the extra drawings.

The Usual Suspects

Left to Right: Moonbeam Honesty, Dew, Phoenix, Raziel, Winchester Mansion, Moira McNabb

In every story, there’s that one character who enjoys getting in trouble and getting everyone else in trouble. The troublemakers, so to speak.   Obviously, my stories are not the exception.

I made this illustration, with the most mischievous of my characters from my stories for a new banner in my patreon and facebook page, but of course, I just had to make them full body to share them with you all.

Moonlight Honesty is from Gradients, which is currently a Patreon-exclusive strip and you get the whole archive for just $1.00 USD a month. Updates on Fridays.

Dew is from Dream Keeper Robin, that you can read for free at Tapas (Link on the main menu), or buy at my store in physical form. Updates on Mondays.

Phoenix is from Traveling Seers, that you can read at Tapas (link on the main menu). Updates on Wednesdays.

Raziel is from Devil in Disguse. More about him to come out soon 😉

Winchester Mansion is, of course, from my Haunted House series, that you may have seen here.

And finally Moira is from my very first professional comic, I.Doll.  But hers is a story for another time.

Criminal Minds

I love Criminal Minds. Next to Law and Order SVU is my favorite crime procedural, and unlike Law and Order SVU, I still have most of my favorite characters on the show.

So I was really, really happy when they won the weekly poll. Sure, I went for the classics (minus Gideon), but you can’t blame me. They’re all iconic.

Alberdeen Tolbooth

Next in my haunted houses series, is the Alberdeen Tolbooth. It may be a bit of a cheat, as it’s not a house now, and it never was. It was a prison, and now it’s a museum. Hence, he’s a guy. And well, he has the reputation of being the most haunted place in all of England. Sure, most of the hauntings are pretty tame, and it’s mostly to scare people away, but given how violent the story of old England prisons is, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more bloody than we all imagine.

Traveling Seers Strike again

Have I mentioned I love Baseball? Because I do. I adore the sport, I adore everything around the sport, and there’s nothing I like more than watching games while I draw. So… yeah, the Traveling Seers are dear to my heart. As I mentioned before, I am just introducing them in English, despite being a bit older for Mexican readers, so I hope you read the comic here, and subscribe to get all the updates!


Memory Lane: I.Doll

I.Doll was my professional debut in Mexico. I was 17 years old, and couldn’t believe my luck when I was told that an editorial actually wanted one of my stories for a new project with national stories. It was thanks to the recommendation of my friends Obal and Gaby Maya, who was an editor at the time, and Victor Fernandez, who would be the editor of the magazine and you have no idea how grateful I am to them even now.

This particular image is a bit old, but I was cleaning my harddrive and found it, and then realized I had never shared it anywhere so… here she is, Irene Doll, I.Doll, my very first original character who, despite the fact that I ended the comic three years ago (after long hiatus, long story. The whole thing is about 420 pages long), is still very close to my heart.

Who knows? I may draw her again someday.

Ducktales 2017

As many children in the late eighties, early nineties… I loved Ducktales. It wasn’t my favorite series, but it was close to the number 1 spot. I could hum the song both in spanish and english and omg, I have so many good memories of both Ducktales and later, Darkwing Duck (yes, my favorite in both was Launchpad McQuack, named Joe in spanish).

So of course, when the reboot was announced… I was both scared and excited. Because yay! More Ducktales. But… reboot. Dread. Fear. And all the things that could go wrong.

Of course, fears were unfounded. Ducktales 2017 was even better than my memories of the old series, just by the simple fact of having Donald Duck in a more active role, that Webby and Mrs. Beakley are not just the loads, and that it had not one, but FOUR different character arcs for each character.  In a word, is perfect.

Sure, it needs more Darkwing, and it definitely needs more Donald… But they have Season 2 to fix that! 😀


Traveling Seers Comes Back

In 2015, I started in spanish a series that is really, really close to my heart: Traveling Seers.

The story of a baseball team made up of mediums, the only ones allowed to play in the Afterlife League, where all those people who loved baseball in life can keep playing for eternity.

I published two books of short stories in spanish, Traveling Seers and Traveling Seers: The spirit of the Game, but they have never been available in English… until now, sort of.

Starting this Wednesday, September 5, you can read the stories of the Traveling Seers  Here. For now, I’m starting sharing the stories that are already available in Spanish, only translated, but after a while I will also start adding completely new stories (That will, in time, make the third volume of this series). Of course, if you want to buy the volumes in spanish, they’re still in stock at the Store.

I really hope you enjoy this new adventure, and  while the real Baseball season is about to end, you have fun with the new afterlife season.