Winchester Mansion

I’ve always found the Winchester Mansion to be fascinating. Both the house itself with it’s crazy architecture, as the story behind why it has such weird rooms. So of course, she had to be the second of the set of actual haunted houses in human form. She’s young, she’s old, and she’s always there to help you hide.

Dream Keeper Robin 3

Since the fight with Erin, the Earth Squire, was interrupted by a Mitakan Agent, Robin, Alex and Erin venture into a different dimension to fight the new enemy. Unfortunately, Robin still has not enough information, and Gavin and Zander are MIA. Still, Robin is not going to let anyone threaten Earth, even if he still can’t get his warmace out of the medallion, or get some answers from the Alnitak’ Squires. 

Black and white Comic, 32 pages. English language. Soon for sale on the e-store, but for now you can get it at Conque 2018!

You can also follow it one page a week at:


Pie Dragons 2

Strawberry, Cheese, Raspberry, Pumpkin

This is the continuation of my project of the Pie Dragons (you can see the first set of Dragons here) with the other four flavors. Unfortunately, as I did them individually you can’t see the scale, but Pumpkin is the biggest of them all (although he’s not as big as a real Pumpkin. He might be able to hide in many pots, though), while Raspberry is the smallest.  All the individual Dragons will be available as stickers and, as soon as I figure out how, Magnets. But the next step is, of course, see them acting together in various scenes. So let me know… what would be your favorite combination?

Cosmic Family Family Tree

I adore the Cosmic Family. They all have a specific role to play (even the one who hates the idea of having a role to play). I’m considering making this a print for conventions, what do you guys think?

(Oh, In case you wonder the order: Granpa Ch’tullu is Mama Chaos’s father. Mama Chaos is Janna, Thanatos, Mahlon, Carmen and Dad’s mother. Dad is the father (and mother) of Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Cassiel and Ariel)

Elf Quest

Elf Quest was one of the very first Independent Comics I ever read. Much later I discovered the amazing Strangers in Paradise, that became my absolute favorite, but Elf Quest was the first American non-superhero, non-Archie comic I ever read.  And I was completely enthralled by the story of Cutter, the Wolfriders, and the world of two moons.

And years later, I still think that Wendy Pini’s style is both gorgeous and HARD as hell to follow given the proportions. Still, I just had to give a tribute to the comic, as it just recently ended.


DC Bombshells

I have a very, very conflicted relationship with DC Bombshells. When the original figures came out, I didn’t pay much attention to them. Then came the covers and while I wasn’t offended or anything by them, I was a bit confused on how exactly portraying every single DC female as a pinup girl was supposed to be great. Then came the comic. And omg the comic is so amazing. In fact, it’s my favorite comic and I am so, so sad it’s ending soon. Because that comic? Is easily the BEST comic that DC is doing right now. It has EVERYTHING you want in a female-led comic. Every character is great, no one has rape as their backstory (yep, not even Harley. In fact, this may be the ONE Harley Quinn that doesn’t have “horribly abused by the Joker” as her backstory) and the batgirls are so cool. I have to draw them soon too.


And yes, it has a lot of great LGBT+ representation, from loving couples to girls experimenting, to bisexual men, to probably asexual girls, to heterosexual healthy couples… all the spectrum is right there.

Dream Keeper Robin Monochrome

For my daily drawings, I choose to do an exercise in monochrome ideas with the Robin Cast. I have to say, some were very rewarding, others made me see colors in a very different way. So here they are, Robin, the Elemental Squires and the mysterious Orion, for all to you to enjoy.

By the way, if you’re a Robin fan, stay tuned! I’ll be announcing soon the pre-sale of Dream Keeper Robin vol. 3!

Volcanic Walk

Another of my half-naked cute guys, this one likes to run near a dormant volcano hot springs. He was really fun to color, as darker skins present a better challenge for lights and shadows.