Wonder Rapunzel

It took me a while to watch Tangled. Mostly due to the fact that most of the people who talked about it before it premiered made it look as if Flynn was the focus of the story, and I wasn’t a big fan of the original tale.  I was a fool, because Rapunzel is amazing, and Maximus is incredible, and yes, I also like Flynn.

To be honest, my only complain about the movie is that I didn’t like the songs that much.

Anyway, after a lot of thought, I gave her the Post-crisis, George Perez-desinged Wonder woman outfit. Because, well, let’s be honest, that was when Diana’s hair went from longish to REALLY long (Not as long as Starfire, but still, long). It is not THAT different from the pre-crisis one (The one I used for Belle), but it still has some new details.

Made with copic markers, glitterpen and in copic sketch paper.

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