Wonder Aurora


Sleeping Beauty was the first Disney Movie I remember watching. Dad was a bit of a technology nut, so we had an actual movie projector at home, and one of the three movies we had that were not home movies was Sleeping Beauty. I adored it. I loved the music, Aurora, Philip, Samson, the Kings, and of course, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (Called Primavera in the amazing latin-american dub). Maleficent is to this date my favorite Disney villain and I LOATHE the Liveaction movie because, sorry, it diminish her as a villain when she ends up being “good all along” (It also diminish Flora, Fauna and Merryweather to make her the one who took care of Aurora, and diminishes Philip and in general, it kinds of ruins the original story as a backstory). ANYWAY, I love Sleeping Beauty. I can’t count the times I remember forcing my grandmommy to play Sleeping Beauty and how much I loved coloring her dress in two colors so that Flora and Merryweather were happy. (BTW, Team Blue. The Pink Dress was never my fave).

OTOH, as much as I was a Wonder Woman fan, I didn’t read the Mod Era until much, much, much later. I vaguely knew it had happened when I started reading comics seriously, and originally I agreed that it was a huge mistake because Diana is not quite Diana without the Eagle and the Stars (Or the WW and the stars, depending on which era we’re discussing). However, when I was starting this project I decided to read them in order to pick my favorite mod suit (It happened to be one that was only used in a cover, sue me. She had a TON of dresses in that era), and I discovered… it’s actually pretty good. Sure, the reasons why she had to quit her powers were stupid, and holy shit, Steve Trevor gives Jean Grey a run for her money in the revolving death door department but the stories were solid and I am kinda sad they ended with the closest thing to a full reboot they had before the crisis.

So here’s Mod Aurora, in the only dress in the whole Diana era that doesn’t have bracelets. (Also, fun fact, Diana had a couple of adventures in the Dreamscape in this era so… it works)

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