Wonder Elsa

I told you guys Elsa would have her moment to shine.

Not much more to say about Frozen and the Hype. I do adore Let it Go (Although I agree that it was way overplayed and I can’t wait for anything to take its place), but sometimes I think Elsa would have been more interesting as a villain rather than as a misunderstood heroine. And that is the reason number one why I picked up this outfit for her.

Designed by John Byrne, this is one of the very few Wonder Women outfits that was never worn by Diana herself. It was, in fact, Hypolita’s uniform when she suceded Diana after Diana was ascended to the Goddess of Truth position, and was punished for her actions on the Artemis’s mess (more on that later), exiled from Themyscira and forced to live in the human world (She also later travelled back in time, and then things got messy but… well, long story. Go to your local comic book store and get the Byrne era floppies. They’re good). And since Hypolita at that time was seen as a villain for lack of communication, because of her own fears… well, it fit Elsa. Plus, Elsa is a queen, not a princess, so she gets the queen outfit.

Also, first time we see the WW in the belt, which was a great way to put together elements of Diana’s very first outfit with her more current one at the time.

Wonder Anna

I am going to admit that Frozen is not one of my favorite Disney movies. It has its charm (And well, as a proud aunt of a 5 year old I have watched it and learned by heart Let it Go), but it’s not one of my favorites… not even a top ten. Still, Anna and Elsa have their charm (More about Elsa later when it’s her turn).

So after a lot of thought, I choose to give Anna the infamous 90’s black suit, the one that Diana wears when she is forbidden to use the name Wonder Woman because her mom had a vision and refused to share with Diana what was going on. Pretty much like Elsa did to Anna (because let’s be honest, half the plot problems would’ve solved themselves in five seconds if Elsa had told Anna “Oh, btw, I have ice powers and they manifest when I am anxious and nervous so please don’t startle me with a surprise engagement on the day I am already anxious and nervous!”)

Done with Copics, glitter pens and in a Copic Sketchbook.

Since I was a doofus and forgot to take pics of the process, here are some details I liked (Particularly, I love how her freckles came out)