Contract terms

(These terms of service may change without notice, but they won’t change retroactively)

A traditional media commission (Color pencils, Watercolor and Copic Markers) includes sketches and final work (Sent by certificated mail, shipping not included in the price)

A digital commission includes a zip with the final file in a High Resolution JPG, as well as the final sketch and a low res copy on the size the client requires it.

Payment and reimbursments.

* All prices are base prices. The final price in a traditional commission -not included in the illustrated list- can vary, depending on the complexity, the technique and the time required to do the image. Due to this, the price might be higher than the base price.

*Payment must be made 50% in advance. No work will be started without a payment.

*I reserve the right to deny a commission, depending on the subject of the same. I don’t draw Shota, Lolicon, Guro, Hate-speech based images or Yiff.

*In case of requiring a character I didn’t create, it is the client responsibility to provide with sufficient visual references. For all works, it will be required a clear and concise description of the desired result.

* If the client cancels the commission before any work has begun, they will receive a full refund.

* If the client cancels the commission when the work has been started, the refund will be proportionate to the work already being done, and he will have the choice to get whatever stage of the commission that has been finished.

*If the client attempts to cancel the commission when the work has been finished, there will be no refund given.

* The client may request up to three free changes during the sketch, cleaning, or inking stages, and one free change during the base color stage. Any extra changes, will require an extra payment.

* I reserve the right to cancel the commission for any reason, at any moment of the process. If this is the case, I will refund the full payment to the client. If the client requires the work that has been done, the refund will be given in the same proportion as the work handed to the client.


* Every commission will be discussed only through e-mail.

* If a client breaks communication for a month (Four weeks) without previous notice, I will stop working in their commission until they contact me again. If eight weeks pass without any communication, they will get a refund of the money after subtracting the work already finished.

*If there are any reasons why a deadline can’t be met, the client will be informed and they will have the option to cancel the commission, with a full or partial refund, to the client’s choice

* You may ask about the progress in the commission, with a limit of two emails per week. More messages than that will be considered harassment, and the commission will be cancelled with a refund proportionate to the work already finished.


*Printing rights are not included in the commission base price, unless otherwise noted on writing.

* The client may print up to three copies of the digital image, for their personal use.

* The client may not profit from the image, unless they are willing to pay for printing rights.

*The Client may upload a low res image to the social networks or websites of their choice, as long as there’s credit to my name and a link to this page,

*As the artist, I have the right to upload the final image to my own website, and, in case that the commission is of my personal characters or non-copyright characters, I may sell prints of the same image unless the client wishes to pay for exclusive printing rights.