Adalisa Zárate was born in 1977 and when she was 16 years old she started reviewing japanese animation when she founded the fanzine Animanga, with Gabriela Maya’s help. Two years later, she entered the profesional field when Toukan Manga published her story I.Doll in 1998.

In the following years, Adalisa’s work was published in diferent magazines focused in both anime and manga, where she was known both as a writer and editor, of magazines like Conexión Manga, Anime y Manga Colección de Luxe, and Musicanime. Besides her work in the editorial field, Adalisa also worked translating for both dubbing and subtitling. Among the titles she translated are Cowboy Bebop, Oh My Goddess! The Adventures of the Mini Goddess, Saber Marionette J to X, and Virgin Fleet for dubbing, Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 for subtitling, and the following mangas: X/1999, Oh My Goddess!, Gunsmith Cats, Saint Seiya and the Sailor Moon Anime Comic.

In 2006, she and Aurea Freniere founded Studio Oubilette, and created the first digital comic magazine in México: Oubilette.

Her first comic, Lyonnesse, was self-published, first on its own, and later in Animanga. Lyonnesse lasted 15 chapters, and it’s now out of print.

Her next comic was Lost, in a crossover with Gabriela Maya’s Aquelonde’s Pirates, also inside Animanga.

As mentioned previously, her profesional debut was I.Doll, in 1998, for the Toukan Manga Magazine. On that magazine, I.Doll was published from the first issue to issue 13 (missing only 4 and 8) before entering a long hiatus. Four episodes were later published within Oubilette, from 2006 to 2008.

She wrote and drew the first version of Dream Keeper Robin, An Unexpected Guest, and the first version of Open a New Window, for Conexión Manga and Vanguardia Editors.

Within Oubilette she also published a new version of Open a New Window, currently being retooled under the title Gradients.

In 2001 she started Zodiac Blues as a self published webcomic. The story has gone through a number of hosts and versions, so it’s currently on hiatus, just as her second webcomic, The Building.

In 2013, after a long wait, the final I.Doll chapter was published.

In 2014 she started Traveling Seers, a short story collection, that is Mexico’s first Baseball comic.

In 2016, she started drawing Writer’s Block, written by Mandi Gordon. She also started writing articles for Honey’s Anime.

In 2017, she started publishing Dream Keeper Robin, as the first title under Calico Chimera.  She also started working at Upperdeck, and the first card set she participated in was Thor: Ragnarok.